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We are developing a range of useful Hotch Potch English and Fun English Lesson products to meet the demands and needs of our readers. The first is called...

Fun English Lessons ~ Pack 1
Key features of our Fun English Lessons Packs include:

  • 30 Fun English Lessons
  • Funny video analysis
  • Podcasts & vidcasts
  • News analysis
  • Songs
  • Comprehension exercises
  • Listening & speaking
  • On-line, do anytime, anywhere
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~ Pack 1 ~

Pro Membership of Fun English Lessons includes full access to all our fun and effective language learning archives.

Highlights include:

  • Hints & Tips Articles
  • Grammar lessons
  • Vocabulary lessons
  • Common grammar mistakes
  • Common vocabulary errors
  • Pronunciation problems
  • Quizzes, activities and crosswords
  • Exam preparation lessons
  • Business English activities
  • Essential reference materials
  • Podcasts and vidcasts
  • Constant addition of new material
In addition, as a Pro Member you get priority treatment with any language problems and questions you may have.

Pro Members really have all they need to make rapid progress as part of our large and loving language learning community!

Join us now - you'll be very welcome and we look forward to watching your English soar!

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