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Thursday, 23 August 2012

So What is Teaching Anyway?

Sab: So, what is 'teaching' anyway?
T1: Well, it's... teaching people things, isn't it?

Sab: Teaching people what?
T2: Things they don't know!

Sab: And why would you want to do that?
T3: To help them.

Sab: Help them what?
T3: Help them know things they don't know!

Sab: And why would you want to do that?
T2: Because it will make their lives better.

Sab: In what way?
T1: In a lot of ways, maybe getting a new job, or more money or more respect...
T4: Or a new girlfriend!

Sab: Right! And what do you think it takes to be a good teacher?
T5: You have to love your subject.

Sab: Why do you say that?
T5: Because if you like your subject you are more enthusiastic, and your lessons are more interesting.

Sab: OK, what else?
T6: You need to like your students.

Sab: How do you mean?
T6: Well, if you like them as people, and know a bit about them, they will like you too and want to do well in your classes.

Sab: Does everyone agree with that?
T4: Yes, but also you have to be a good teacher, I mean, if someone is messing around you have to know how to deal with that or the lesson won't be so good. So you need good classroom management skills...
T5: And good people skills too.

Sab: Right! So, T7 - I see you've been listening closely to this discussion - can you sum up what teaching is about?
T7: Yes, it's really about helping people to learn new things which will be useful to them and make their lives better.

Sab: Great! And what are some of the things that go to make up a good teacher?
T8: I'd say it's a combination of being good at teaching and organising a class, also really liking the subject you're teaching, and then enjoying getting to know your students as people too a little bit.

Sab: Fantastic, and finally, can any of you tell me one great technique for helping your students to think and learn for themselves?
T1: Asking questions!

Sab: Why do you say that..?

© 2012 Sab Will / Hotch Potch EnglishWill Power English : "So What is Teaching Anyway?"
Sab Will is a teacher, teacher trainer, fanatical blogger... and stuff.

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