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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Call For Cool Article Submissions

We get material, you get (more) famous!

And you can't say fairer than that.

As part of the relaunch of the Teacher Training Forum here at Hotch Potch English we're doing something very special.

Holding an on-line scratch 'n' sniff BBQ? No! Giving away free copies of incredible teaching books? No!! (That happens over on our ELT Resources Review blog). Offering dodgy teaching jobs all over the world? No!!!

What we are doing is opening up these pages to great ELT writers of all shapes and surprises. Here's a 'how it works' six of the best:

  1. You read some past articles to get to know our style
  2. You decide you love our style
  3. You send an idea or a finished 500-1000 word article roughly in said super-style
  4. We publish it and you get (even more) famous
  5. We both get loads of readers and comments
  6. A nice warm feeling is felt by all and the rest, as they say, is history 

Sound good to you? OK! Just a couple more points then, as a Q & A this time (variety is the spice of life - and blog writing - right?!).

Q: Do I keep the rights to my article?

A: Oh yes, every last one of them.

Q: Do I get paid?

A: No. Neither do I! The words 'labour' and 'love' come to mind.

Q: Can I submit something I have already had published elsewhere?

A: If you have the right to do so, absolutely.

Q: Could I eventually have several pieces published or do a series?

A: Sure, if they fit in with what our readers are enjoying reading.

Q: Who should it appeal to?

A: A global audience of new or experienced teachers interested in staying up to date with developments in the industry and improving themselves through learning new ideas, tips and tricks. Specifically, teachers tend to read our articles in their free time, so they should be both informative and entertaining as much as possible. Lists of key points on your topic are particularly popular and successful (hint hint)...

Q: What format should I send my work in?

A: Simple text is best, either in word format or in an e-mail.

Q: Any other tips?

A: Keep the profile of a typical Cambridge CELTA or DELTA trainee in mind when choosing your topic and you shouldn't go far wrong. Or failing that any enthusiastic, forward-thinking teacher you know.

This idea is very much about mutual benefit, and I hope that's obvious from the above. The aim is to bring as much useful and often fun activities and information to our readers as possible whilst getting a large number of new readers to discover your work.

You will find that my editorial process is very different from a stuffy serious academic journal or even a teaching newsletter. I'm looking for a fresh, enthusiastic and personable writing voice, with a fun aspect coming through if at all possible.

Having said that, I want quality content, just as good or better than that you might find in similar publications. I want to offer great stuff with added personality, not run-of-the-mill banality with added fluff. Hopefully you get where I'm coming from.

Don't worry, your submissions don't have to be wild and wacky, just well-written, original content on a topic you feel strongly about and believe you have something to say on - that'll do nicely.

We have a great family and feel here on this blog and I'd like to grow that as rapidly as possible, with your help. Are you on board?

If so, well, obviously just get in touch and we'll take it from there. There are plenty of days in the year so lots of opportunities to be published - even regular slotters would be welcome. Over to you, and fire to your fingers (without the flames)!

© 2012 Sab Will / Hotch Potch EnglishWill Power English : "Call For Cool Article Submissions"
Sab Will is a freelance English teacher, trainer and coach. And stuff.

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