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Monday, 25 June 2012

Poetically Challenged Teacher? Read This...

Poetry in class? Are you kidding me???

NO! And to celebrate the publication of my 250th poem, I'd like to offer you all of them to use in your lessons with your students, or just to read for yourselves.

Written all by myself, they are often dark but rich in irony and sometimes humour too. I'm also a Rhythm, Rhyming and alliteRation freak so you'll find there are thousands of opportunities to work on these aspects of our beautiful language with your classes throughout the collection.

Needless to say (hopefully), the language is as resplendent as I could possibly make it, including countless double meanings, so lots of vocab building work to be done there too.

You'll find that some poems are quite complex, therefore good for high levels, whilst others are extremely simple, so there should be something there for everyone. I'm also in the process of recording them all, so that you will have an audio resource to complement the words. Let me know if you need one quickly and I'll send it off to you within a couple of days if it doesn't exist already.

So, how do you get your hands on this wondrous teaching resource, you might be asking yourself.

Nothing could be easier! You just sign up below for some free interactive English lessons, also all my own work, and you'll get the direct links to all the poems at the same time. You can't say fairer than that, now can you?

250 Poems + 3 Free English Lessons

I'd just like to ask you one favour if you do decide to check out my poetry in a teaching context: please share your ideas on how specific poems could be used in the English language or literature classroom in the comments section below. That would be valuable for everyone and I'm just sorry that I haven't had time to produce any lesson plans yet.

I hesitate greatly to offer an example, as there is no way one poem can represent 250, but people like examples, so here's one anyway to be getting on with...

You Rise

You are not here
You are far away

And for every bite
Of this croissant I take
You move, imperceptibly
5000 miles

People are chattering
Barging in isles
But you float above them
You’re light as skimmed milk

And for every sip
Of this coffee like silk
You’re rolling in air currents
Heavenly smile

Greet the wild migrators
Play for a while
But you float above them
You rise like fresh bread

And for every inch
Of this butter I spread
You slip through my fingers
My universe grasp

I struggle to reach you
I falter and gasp
But you laugh and leave me
You bend with the breeze

I’m paying the bill
You’re soaring with ease
We’re racing together
I cunningly clasp

You come down

© 2012 Sab Will / Hotch Potch EnglishWill Power English : Poetically Challenged Teacher? Read This!
Sab Will is a freelance English teacher, trainer and coach. And stuff.

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