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Monday, 1 February 2010

It's TEFL Graduation Day... So What's Next?

Here are some of our students: Hermann, Alban, Larry, Andrew, Morna and Brianna, to be precise, holding their thoroughly deserved TEFL Paris Certificates on the evening of our Graduation Dinner.

I never cease to be amazed at how your averagely literate person can study intensively for just four weeks and walk out with a virtually guaranteed ticket, not only to a new job, but in many cases a completely new career.

Some of our trainees are fresh university graduates, some are experienced business people. Some are young, some are not so young. Some are nervous but all are excited about this new phase in their lives and the unknown possibilities lying ahead of them.

Of course, no TEFL Certificate totally guarantees you a job. There are many other factors to consider, such as your real aptitudes as an English teacher and both your abilities to adapt to local teaching situations as well as how good you are at avoiding some of the most common mistakes made by new teachers. Not forgetting your innovative use of some of the amazing on-line resouces out there... See these previous posts for more on this:
Quite apart from how well you present yourself at interview, there is the local teaching market to take into account. Here in France, I'll be honest with you:

If you successfully complete the TEFL Paris TEFL Certificate course, with good grades for Teaching Practice, Theory and Professionalism, and make yourself presentable, coherent and enthusiastic during your interview, as well as having the necessary working papers*, you will get a teaching job very quickly indeed.

I know that sounds like a lot of provisos, but hey, you're walking into a very intellectually rewarding and stimulating job working with really nice French professionals, so you should expect to put a bit of effort in to get it! But no more effort than when applying for any other job, and if you fit the mould they'll probably offer you the position on the spot.

An interesting question teacher training schools often get asked is: 'Will you find me a job at the end of the course?' I don't actually know of ANY teacher training centres which guarantee their trainees jobs at the end of the course! This is generally for two reasons:
  1. They are a teacher training centre only and not a language school
  2. They are also a language school but cannot know what their future staff requirements will be
TEFL Paris falls into the first category, as do most TEFL teacher training centres.

Having said that, we have excellent links with the Paris English teaching community and will do our very best to point you in the right direction if you wish to work in France, or indeed globally.

We know from years' worth of successful graduates that teaching work is relatively easy to find all over the world if you respect the conditions mentioned above.

* Some countries require specific working visas, or impose other conditions on certain nationalities, and we strongly advise you to check what the situation is regarding your personal circumstances and the country you intend working in to make sure you reach your teaching goal as smoothly as possible.

Feel free to send in your ideas and questions by commenting below, and... read you shortly!
Sab Will is Course Director at TEFL Paris, a TEFL Certificate Teacher Training Centre validated by IATQUO


Nicko the Skier said...

Sorry I missed the event. I was instead alseep on a train. Can you paste me in the picture? :-)

Thanks again for the excellent and most enjoyable course.

Sab Will said...

What are you talking about? You were there and we had to paste you OUT! Don't you remember..?

Actually, no, I'm just jealous about you skiing straight after the course! Let us know how your job hunt goes, Mr. Hunt, and who you end up working with (and what you think of them and the job - the most interesting bit!).

Stay in touch and keep your pecker up!


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