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Friday, 11 December 2009

Welcome to the TEFL Paris Teacher Training Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the brand new and exclusive... TEFL Paris - Teacher Training Blog!

TEFL Paris is a great teacher training centre just half an hour from Paris and we offer an excellent 4-week TEFL Certificate course to set up future teachers with all the skills they need to walk into their first paid English lesson... and teach!

As language and teaching fanatics, we are keen to share our ideas and to learn from your comments as well of course, which is why we have set up this little corner of the web.

The TEFL Paris Teacher Training Blog is run by TEFL Paris Course Director, Sab Will. That would be me. I'll be delighted to answer any questions you have for me and hope to hear from lots of you soon.

Although based in Paris, I'm interested in all aspects of English teaching all over the world, so do let us know how you are getting on wherever you find yourself churning out another attempt to get your students to understand the good old present perfect!

I aim to regularly post snippets of useful information relating to learning, teaching and training, interesting ideas, funny stories, innovative lessons I've seen and more, and I would love to have your comments on them, and your own stories too. Feel free to disagree totally with anything I say, but keep it friendly of course. Over to you!
Sab Will is Course Director at TEFL Paris, a TEFL Certificate Teacher Training Centre


Continuing Teacher Education said...

I am happy that you made this concept very clear in front of people and to be very frank this is useful info too for teachers. Thanks.

Sab Will said...

This is another test!


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